Potato Quiche | 薯仔鹹批

Potato Quiche with cheese top, unexpectedly tasty!

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield: One 6" pie | 1個6"批

(A) Base | 批底 (Steps | 做法) :
50g Bread Flour | 高根麵粉
50g Cake Flour | 低根麵粉
45g Unsalted butter | 無鹽牛油
12g Ice water | 冰水1大匙 (約12g)
25g Beaten egg | 全蛋
little salt | 鹽小許

(B) Filling | 餡料 :
1 pc Potato | 薯仔 1個
1/8 pc Onion, chopped | 洋蔥 1/8個
1 glove of garlic, chopped | 蒜 1瓣
1 pc shallot, chopped | 乾蔥頭 1粒
little olive oil | 檻欖油 小許
little salt | 鹽 小許
160~180g Basic White Sauce | 基本白醬 (Steps | 做法)

(C) For pie top | 批面用 :
some shredded cheese, for pie top | 芝士碎 適量

Steps | 做法 :

  1. 1個6"鹹批皮底先做好 (做法),備用。
  2. 蒜、乾蔥頭、洋蔥切小粒,待用。
  3. 淡忌廉和鮮奶調勻,備用。
  4. 薯仔切1cm小方粒放入鹽水浸泡取出。放薯仔粒入鍋中加冷水蓋過,煲滾轉小火煮至軟身,取出瀝乾。用大概半份加小許牛油、鹽、1湯匙全蛋液(可選)、鮮奶2湯匙(液體份量可按喜好自己調整),薯蓉拌至滑身。
  5. 鍋中放小許檻欖油,將蒜及乾蔥頭末、洋蔥粒略炒至軟身,放剩餘一半(或適量)已軟身薯仔粒、小許鹽,略翻炒,放入調好白醬 (做法),攪拌均勻,熄火。將餡料鋪入預烤好的批皮上,略為平整表面,批面唧入薯蓉,放小許碎芝士。
  6. 放進已預熱焗爐並調至200~220°C,烤約20分鐘或至金黃,取出稍放涼切件。
  7. 要吃更酥脆鹹批,吃前放預熱多士爐焗1~2分鐘。
  8. 吃剩的要放雪櫃,盡快食用。

  1. One 6" pie base (Steps), prepared in advance.
  2. Dice garlic, shallot, onion, set aside.
  3. Mix whipping cream with milk, set aside.
  4. Cut potato into 1cm cube, immerse in salt water for 2~5 minutes. Pour away the water, add running water until potato is covered and boil until first boil, change to low heat. Boil until tender, drain, set aside for use. On a bowl, put in 1/2 portion of cooked potato, add little butter, salt, 1 tablespoon beaten egg, 2 tablespoons whole milk, smash until smooth, set aside for use.
  5. On a pan, put in chopped garlic, shallot and onion, stir fry until soft, fold in remaining cooked potato and little salt, stir quickly, add white sauce (Steps), mix well, off heat. Transfer to the pie base, level until even. Pipe smashed potato on top, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top.
  6. Bake in preheated oven and adjust it to 200~220°C for about 20 minutes or until slightly golden. Take out and let cool a bit before slicing.
  7. To get crispier base, put the slice into the preheated toaster for 1~2 minutes, serve with soup or coffee.
  8. Put the unconsumed pie into the fridge, consume within the few day.

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