French Chocolate Cake | 法式濃情

A great piece of cake with a coffee!

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield: One 20x20cm square cake | 1個 20x20cm 方形蛋糕

(A) Ingredients of Chocolate batter | 巧克力麵糊材料 :
100g  55% Dark Chocolate | 55% 黑巧克力
  80g  Unsalted butter (room temperature), plus extra for greasing baking mould | 無鹽牛油(室溫回溫),另小許塗模用
     4  Egg yolks (80g) | 蛋黃 4個
 60g  Fine granulated sugar | 幼砂糖
 85g  Whipping cream | 鮮忌廉 
 25g  Cake flour, sieved | 低根麵粉,過篩
 60g  Cocoa powder, sieved | 可可粉,過篩

(B) Meringue |蛋白霜

     4  Egg whites (120g) | 蛋白 4個
 60g  Fine granulated sugar | 幼砂糖

Steps | 做法 :

  1. 焗爐先以210°C預熱。
  2. 焗模輕輕涮上少許牛油,灑上薄薄的低根麵粉,多餘的拍掉,備用。
  3. 在中型攪拌盤,放入巧克力塊隔水融化,再加入無鹽牛油,攪拌均勻。溫度維持大概體溫熱力,備用。
  4. 在另一中型攪拌盤,隔熱水放入蛋黃和糖,打發至厚身至奶白,分兩份加到以上(3),攪勻。
  5. 鮮忌廉隔水加熱到人體溫度後,先加一半到(4)中,用打蛋器拌,再加另一半充分混合。
  6. 加入過篩麵粉和可可粉到(5)內,徹底攪拌均勻至光身,沒有粉粒。
  7. 在另一個乾淨的大攪拌盤加入蛋白和1/3糖,用電動打蛋器打起,餘下的糖分兩次加入,再打起至尖角挺立如圖,過程需要數分鐘完成 (做法)
  8. 將1/3打起的蛋白加入上面做好的粉漿,用打蛋器攪勻。
  9. 餘下2/3的蛋白霜分兩次加入,用矽膠刮刀由底翻上面至攪拌均勻。(注意: 攪拌過多,空氣會跑掉,蛋糕便不鬆軟了!)
  10. 倒麵糊入烤模中,輕敲幾下讓麵糊均勻平整。放入已預熱的焗爐並調至190°C,焗約40~45分鐘或至表面上色,用竹籤或筷子斜插入蛋糕內,竹籤出來沒黏著麵糊表示熟透了。
  11. 焗好的蛋糕立即脫模放涼架,冷卻後蛋糕表面會有小許開裂,伴有朗姆酒的甜奶油或冰淇淋食用,效果更好。

  1. Preheat oven at 210°C.
  2. Line with baking parchment, grease and flour thinly, discard excess flour, set aside for use.
  3. In a medium mixing bowl, melt the chocolate gently over a water bath, fold in butter and mix well with a manual whisk.
  4. In a separate bowl over a water bath, beat the yolks with sugar until thick and pale white. Add (4) in 2 additions to (3) and whisk well.
  5. Warm whipping cream until body temperature, pour 1/2 into 4, whisk well. Add remaining half, whisk and mix well.
  6. Fold in sieved flour and cocoa powder to (5), whisk until shiny.
  7. In a large clean and dry mixing bowl, put in egg white and 1/3 sugar, whisk with electric egg mixer until firm.  Add remaining sugar in 2 additions, whisk well after each addition and it becomes meringue. Procedure takes several minutes (Steps)
  8. Fold in 1/3 meringue into chocolate batter above, hand whisk well along the sides of the mixing bowl, mix well.
  9. Pour remaining 2/3 meringue in 2 portions, scrapper from bottom up and mix well until shiny. (Note: Scrape too much will force air out and the cake will not be fluffy!)
  10. Pour batter into mold, level even, put in preheated oven and adjust it to 190°C, bake for about 40~45 minutes until the top looks brownish or a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  11. Remove from the oven. Pull down the aluminium wrap and let cool. It will sink down and the top will crack appealingly. Serve with a drift of slightly sweetened whipped cream flavored with rum, or with vanilla ice cream!! 

Tips / 心得 :

  • I found TOBLERONE in the fridge and tried baking with less sugar (reduced sugar from 60g to 50g in chocolate batter), the outcome is equally good!

French Chocolate Cake DIY recipe 法式濃情 自家烘焙食譜
tried 50g sugar with 100g dark TOBLERONE

French Chocolate Cake DIY recipe 法式濃情 自家烘焙食譜
mouthful pieces topped with icing sugar, great for party!

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