Apple Pie | 蘋果批

My family's favorite. They like to have this with ice cream!

(A) Ingredients and steps for pie crust | 批皮材料及做法 :

  60g  Unsalted butter | 無鹽牛油(室溫回溫)
  15g  Caster sugar (superfine sugar) | 細砂糖 (太古純正糖粉)
150g  Cake flour | 低根麵粉
  48g  Water, room temperature | 室溫水

Steps for pie crust | 批皮做法 :

  • 牛油軟化後,放入細砂糖混合均勻,篩入低根麵粉,搓揉均勻呈粗粒狀態。加入水,搓成麵糰至表面光滑,不需搓太久。麵糰放雪柜冷藏鬆弛,最好冷藏1~4小時後取出。

  • When butter is soft, mix well with sugar. Add sieved flour, mix well until coarse particles formed. Add water, mix well and form a shiny dough. No need to knead for a long time. Put dough in fridge for about 1~4 hours.

(B) Apple Stuffing 1 portion | 蘋果餡料 1份 (Steps | 做法)

(C) Pie Glazing :

little Egg Glaze for brushing pie top | 小許蛋液最後塗批面用

Apple Pie Steps | 蘋果批做法 :

  1. 將(A)材料搓勻成麵糰放雪柜,約60分鐘後取出。

  2. 1份蘋果饀料先做好 (做法)

  3. 15-20分鐘前先預熱焗爐至220°C。

  4. 取出麵糰,分成兩份(重量為2:1),大麵糰用擀麵棍輾至4mm厚,放入批盤,去除多餘批皮,用叉刺上小孔。放入已放涼批餡。小麵糰擀成約3~4mm厚,用刀切成小長條,在批盤表面織出交叉網格圖案,用手指按走批邊多餘批皮,並使網格與下方的批皮黏合起來,在網格表面塗上全蛋液準備入爐。

  5. 批入爐放中層並調至200°C,焗約15分鐘上色後,轉用175°C續焗20~25分鐘,取出脫模。趁熱吃,加雪糕一起吃更美味!

  1. Mix (A) ingredients well and put in fridge, take out after about 60 minutes.

  2. One portion apple stuffing (Steps).

  3. Preheat oven to 220°C for 15~20 minutes before baking.

  4. Take out the dough and cut into 2 portions in 2:1 weight. Roll the big dough and flatten evenly to 4mm thick. Turn it onto a pie dish, poke some small holes with a fork. Put in pie filling when it is cool enough. Flatten the smaller dough to 3~4mm thick, cut into stripes and section on top of the pie. Cut off excess outside the pie dish. Egg glaze the pie top. 

  5. Put pie in middle rack of preheated oven and adjust to 200°C. Bake for 15 minutes, adjust to 175°C and continue baking for 20~25 minutes. Remove pie from mold. Serve warm. Eat with ice cream gives extra taste!

Tips / 心得 :

  • 挑硬身一些的紅蘋果,口感更好。
  • 兩個批一起焗更省時。

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