Baked Blueberry Cheese Cake | 香烤藍莓芝士蛋糕


Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield : One 6" cake | 1個6"蛋糕 
Preparation | 事前準備
  1. 一個13cm 圓形可脫底批碟,1把橡皮刮刀,1台電動打蛋器
  2. 奶油乳酪室溫回溫
  3. 無鹽牛油放入耐熱容器,微波加熱約1分鐘,備用
  4. 雞蛋打散,備用
  5. 低根麵粉過篩,備用
  6. 焗爐以190°C預熱
  1. One 13cm pie dish, 1 rubber scraper, 1 mixer
  2. Leave cream cheese in room temperature till soft   
  3. Microwave unsalted butter for 1 minute, ready to use
  4. Mix the egg well with egg whisk, ready to use
  5. Sieve cake flour, ready to use
  6. Pre-heat oven 190°C 10 minutes before baking

Ingredients for cheese cake | 芝士蛋糕麵糊材料 :

125g  Cream cheese | 奶油乳酪
  50g  Sour milk | 酸奶
  20g  Caster sugar | 細砂糖
  50g  Egg, beaten | 雞蛋,打勻
  10g  Cake flour | 低根麵粉

very small quantity dried whole blueberry | 少量籃莓乾

Ingredients for pie base & steps | 蛋糕底層材料及做法 :

  50g  Chocolate biscuit crumb base | 朱古力餅底碎
  20g  Unsalted butter, melted | 無鹽牛油,先融化

  1. 攪拌盆中放入朱古力餅底碎及融化的牛油,用橡皮刮刀攪拌至結塊。
  2. 裝入模型,混合填平,蓋上微波爐保鮮膜,放冷凍30分鐘。
  3. 底層也可改用麥維他消化餅底 (做法)
  1. Mix chocolate biscuit crumb with melted butter with a rubber scraper.
  2. Put the above inside the pie dish and press the mixture firmly and even, cover with microwave wrap and chill in fridge for 30 minutes.
  3. Pie base can also be changed to digestive biscuit base. (Steps).

Making flour mix | 製作麵粉麵糊 :
  1. 攪拌盆中放入奶油乳酪,以電動打蛋器攪拌至柔滑的乳霜狀。
  2. 加入酸奶和細砂糖,攪拌均勻。
  3. 將打散的蛋液分3至4次加入,一邊仔細地混合。
  4. 一邊篩入低根麵粉,一邊用橡膠刮刀加以翻拌至完全融合。
  1. Put cream cheese inside a mixing bowl, beat with an electric egg mixer at high speed until fluffy and foamy.
  2. Add sour cream and sugar, beat well.
  3. Add egg in 3 to 4 portions, beat well after each addition.
  4. Add cake flour; mix well with rubber scrapper.

Put inside the pie dish | 倒入模型 :
  1. 把麵糊倒入已經冷卻好的模型內。晃動模型,平整表面。加入少量籃莓乾。
  2. 放入已預熱190°C的焗爐內焗約30分鐘。連同模型一起放涼,即可食用。
  1. Put the flour mixture into the chilled pie base mold, level to even. Put in dried blueberries.
  2. Bake in 190°C pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes.  Let it cool and serve.

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